about web inzicht

First a little bit about the name: web inzicht is Dutch and means something like "web insight". That actually is the core of what we have to offer; insight into the opportunities of the internet and how you can profit from them.

web inzicht started in 1998 building websites and consulting both profit and non profit organisations about what this new thing called "the web" could do for them. Since then the internet has grown exponentially and we have grown with it. Not in size perse, but surely in knowledge and experience.

As a small team of specialists and generalists, we build internet projects for, but more importantly, with small and larger organisations. We like to see you, our client, as a partner in this process. It is in the end your project for which we supply our expertise as web professionals.

We are located in Groningen in The Netherlands. We speak English and German and we would like to meet you and learn about your wishes.


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web inzicht
Bentismaheerd 204
9736 EL Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)50 311 59 47

Or send an e-mail: info@webinzicht.nl
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Chaimber of Commerce registration: Groningen 02067075
VAT Number: NL 1075 12 129 B01