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This page is about you, our client, and about the other clients we have had the privilege to have worked with. Most links to websites you see here give an example of what we did, what we can and what we can do for you. More on specific services is available here.

A recent project: www.riet.com


The branch organization for thatchers in The Netherlands has upgrade their web presence. Pivotal to the project was updating the look and feel of the website and making the online content easily accessible for interested visitors, while maintaining the much valued news channel and resources for the members of the organization. Web inzicht was chosen for this job.

After launch of the fully redesigned website in March 2011 an enthusiastic response of regular visitors are testimony to the success of the project.

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Vakfederatie Rietdekkers

Dutch Federation of Thatchers
Services delivered
- Internet strategy
- Graphic design
- Website development
- Search engine optimisation
- Content management system
- Maintenance training session

Other clients and projects


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government, healt care, education, non profit

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service industry

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industry & commerce

BN Kids, Sultana, Verkade
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