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project case: riet.com

The Vakfederatie Rietdekkers (Dutch Federation of Thatchers) has launched its new website. The branch organization for thatchers in The Netherlands conducts research and publishes valuable information about the art and profession of thatching. One of the core activities of the organization is to promote the use of reed for roofing to the general public.

The internet plays an important role in these activities. During recent years a great number of informative articles and photographs have been made available to both the general public and the organization’s members through the website.

In 2010 the decision was made to upgrade the organization’s web presence. Pivotal to this project was updating the look and feel of the website and making the accumulated online content easily accessible for interested visitors, while maintaining the much valued news channel and resources for the members of the organization. Web inzicht was chosen for this job.

The process of the redesign

Close cooperation between web inzicht and the Vakfederatie Rietdekkers was essential during this project, where in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand combined with internet expertise and ample experience with similar projects are the main ingredients for the best result.

Statistical information from Google Analytics was used to gain insight in the behavior of the already substantial user group. Restructuring of the content and interface of the website was done after thorough consideration of the data, solving problems in the structure while maintaining its original strong points and shortening navigational paths to valuable resources.

An essential strategic aspect of the restructuring was inviting the visitor to delve deeper into the available content. This was achieved by rethinking the logical hierarchy of the information and providing easy to use navigational elements, while at the same time teasing visitors to explore the website further with visually attractive shortcuts to popular items.

Ease of maintenance of the content was to be a leading factor during development. The content management system InSide Edit V3, developed by web inzicht, was chosen for its ability to provide flexibility with the design and structure of the website, while at the same time keeping the process of maintenance time effective and user friendly.

With the development of the new web style for the Vakfederatie Rietdekkers, special attention was given to translating corporate style elements of the organization for internet use and creating an overall atmosphere representative of the ancient craft of thatching and the natural beauty of its building materials.

The large high quality photographic archive of the Vakfederatie Rietdekkers proved to be an invaluable resource in the design process. A visually compelling design with an authentic atmosphere fitting to the profession was the result.

After completion of the development process and a modest training session with those responsible for maintenance, the new website was ready for launch. During March of 2011 an enthusiastic response of regular visitors to the website are testimony to the successful cooperation and a job well done.

Dutch Federation of Thatchers
Services delivered
- Internet strategy
- Graphic design
- Website development
- Search engine optimisation
- Content management system
- Maintenance training session
Vakfederatie Rietdekkers