how we work

No two projects are the same. As steps may vary according to the nature of your project, we chose to describe below the process of building a medium to large website to give you a feel for how we do what we do.


where do we start

Before we write down a single word, code a single bit or push a single pixel we need to know what drives you. What does your organisation do and how? What does IT mean for you right now? What are your wishes and what chances do you see for you on the web? What are your competitors doing both wrong and right? And not unimportantly, what are your time frame and budget? The best way to answer these questions is to have a conversation with the people involved, which is step one in any of our assignments.


planning and concepting

When the goal and scope of the project are clear we will make a description of the project and a quote of the associated costs. In some cases we now start measuring the performance of your current website to get some visitor related data. Following that, there will be a more elaborate advice on what should be done and soon after come the drafts for the graphic design, structure, content and maintenance solutions. When all these drafts are agreed upon and turned into final documentation we can start the actual building of the website. This way we make sure we don't miss any key aspects of the project.



This is when we do our magic. During the production phase all elements of the new website are designed, built and tested. Not just the graphics and technology we produce but also texts, translations and illustrations you might provide. You will receive previews of all elements for proofing and plenty of opportunity to see the work in progress. It's always great to see a project grow and come to life and we'd like you to share in that experience.


delivery and maintenance

When all elements of the website are done and tasks with regard to maintenance and visitor response are clear, it's time to launch. If necessary the people involved in the upkeep of the website will be trained to work with the content management software. After a predetermined time we evaluate the whole project together and see if any small changes need to be made. By doing so regularly the life span of your website can be greatly expanded.


working across borders

Building websites for any client is a unique process as no two clients are the same. That's why we need to communicate freely and extensively, especially at the start and finish of any project. Even though we prefer to speak to you face to face at least one or two times during a project, the internet offers lots of possibilities to communicate across long distances and time zones and we have plenty of experience doing so. Let's get together and use this technology to the fullest!