We deliver a myriad of services, from the production of websites to consultancy with the use of online marketing within your organisation. We often work together with our personal selection of talented designers and software developers to make sure you get the exact finished product - as you need it, when you need it.

You can call on us for the following:

• Consultancy on the use of internet within your organisation and the development of an accurate internet strategy.

• Graphical design of your website or other digital presentation materials such as PowerPoint presentations.

• Technical design and production of your website, webstore or digital community.

• Implementation of content management systems and update service contracts.

• Optimisation of your website for search engines, online marketing campaigns, corporate e-mail campaigns or digital questionaires.


internet strategy

Opportunities, targets, threats, competition, direction; the foundation of every project is strategy. We have seen a lot of web projects and keep track of the latest developments on the use of internet technology. Let us help you think this through.

Anaylysing your current website and the visitor statistics can deliver some excellent information on what you are doing right and what needs to be adjusted. We can help you NOT to reinvent the wheel.


building your website

Usually, building your website is a phase in the total process. After good research on your targets and current situation and the production of a graphical design which fits perfectly together with your corporate style, we will start actually building the web pages. Calculation modules, mail forms, databases and optionally a content management system are implemented and connected. During this phase you get frequent previews for evaluation and simply because it's a joy to see a website come to life.

If you have another solution for developing a solid strategy, or if you want your regular designer to design the website and let us take care of the production, we are most happy to do so. We can also offer to manage this process for you, taking care of the communication between the different partners involved and keeping the project on course.


website maintenance or CMS

Maintaining a website is a very unpopular activity, or so it seems when browsing through the internet. Old news and outdated information are left unedited and harming the online appearance of a large number of organisations everywhere. And totally unnecessary, because these days maintaining a website is very easy and requires no special knowledge.

Based on years of experience and in close cooperation with our customers, web inzicht has developed a very versatile content management system called InSide Edit. This wonder of technology offers you all the freedom you need to update and extend your website, while still being as easy to use as any common text editor. InSide Edit is available in multiple languages and supports multi-language websites, user management, backup and restore functions and file management. We are proud and happy to tell you more on request and give you access to a test version of the system.

Besides content management systems we also offer update service contracts. You just send us the new content for your website and we make sure it is placed directly and correctly.


.. and much more

The above information just touches on a few specific services we offer. For more details or a quote for your project, please contact us directly.