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An integrated part of quality is giving attention to the sustainability of your services. That is why at web inzicht our computers run on green electricity and the natural gas we use for heating is compensated by planting trees. We separate our waste and minimize the use of paper by communicating digitally whenever possible. When we do use paper we prefer to use the FSC certified kind. When travelling we use public transport when possible, or even better, our bicycles.


A green website

Publishing on the internet may be paperless, however the data centres that host your website do use electricity. The webservers in these data centres are turned on 24 hours a day to make your website accessible to the public.

The New York Times calculated that in 2012 data centres world wide used around 30,000 megawatts of electricity. As a comparison, an average Dutch power plant has a capacity of 500 megawatt. An enormous amount of energy that could have a serious impact on our environment.

To make our services as sustainable as possible, web inzicht chooses only to work with hosting providers that use green energy for their data centres. That is how we can make a small contribution to a sustainable internet.

Does your website run on a 'green' webserver? Check it at The Green Web Foundation. Not yet green? We will be glad to help you make your contribution to a sustainable internet.